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• 11/4/2017

Xeelee vs Time Lords

2 incredibly powerful civilizations fight against each other. Who wins?
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• 8/14/2018
1) The Time Lords and the Daleks may be destroyed by the Chronovores:

"Once the Chronovores have left the Earth a desiccated husk, where next? Wherever she creates these alternate realities, the Divine Host will follow.’ He threw a hand in the air. ‘Skaro, Telos, Gallifrey, even. This has to stop.’ ‘It cannot be stopped. No one in this reality can stand before the Divine Host and survive. - Quantum Archangel"

2) This is what the Chronovores are able to do:

"Seven billion parallel Earths. Seven billion alternate worldlines. A feast for the Chronovores. - quantum archangel"

"Now was their epiphany, their greatest triumph. After an eternity, the Chronovores could dine on a banquet of realities never before seen in this continuum. Knowing their past, anticipating their future, they feasted as they had never done before. - quantum archangel"

3) This is what the Proto Xeelee have done. Current version of the Xeelee is way more advanced than their precursors who caused cosmic inflation:

"For the federation, the creatures that suddenly came hurtling out of infinity were the stuff of nightmare. These invaders came from a place where the laws of physics were subtly different: the symmetry-breaking which had split gravity from the GUT superforce had occurred differently in different domains, for they had not been in causal contact at the time. That difference drove a divergence of culture, of values. The federation valued its hard-won prosperity, peace, and the slow accumulation of knowledge. The invaders, following their own peculiar imperatives, were intent only on destruction, and fueling their own continuing expansion. It was like an invasion from a parallel universe. Rapprochement was impossible. The invaders came from all around the federation's lightspeed horizon. Reluctantly, the federation sought to defend itself, but a habit of peace had been cultivated for too long; everywhere the federation fell back. It seemed extinction was inevitable. But one individual found a dreadful alternative. Just as the cosmos had gone through a phase change when gravity had separated from the GUT force, so more phase changes were possible. The GUT force itself could be induced to dissociate further. The energy released would be catastrophic, unstoppable, universal—but, crucially, it would feed a new burst of universal expansion. The homelands of the invaders would be pushed back beyond the lightspeed horizon. But much of the federation would be scattered too. And, worse, a universe governed by a new combination of physical forces would not be the same as that in which the spacetime creatures had evolved. It would be unknowable, perhaps unsurvivable. It was a terrible dilemma. Even the federation was unwilling to accept the responsibility to remake the universe itself. But the invaders encroached, growing more ravenous, more destructive, as they approached the federation's rich and ancient heart. In the end there was only one choice. A switch was thrown. A wall of devastation burned at lightspeed across the cosmos. In its wake the very laws of physics changed; everything it touched was transformed. The invaders were devastated."

4) Cosmic inflation will be "a trillion, times a trillion, times a trillion, times a trillion" bigger than the current universe:

"Ultimately, it would last sixty times the age of the universe at its inception, and it would expand the federation's corner of spacetime by a trillion, times a trillion, times a trillion, times a trillion."

5) The Xeelee created infinite sized universe:

"‘Yes,’ said the Ghost. ‘A key moment in the evolution of human thought, a philosophical fossil preserved by exiles through the Qax Extirpation . . . If the universe were infinite and static, every line of sight would meet the surface of a star, and the whole sky would be as bright as the surface of a sun. Even occluding dust clouds would soon become as hot as the stars themselves. That was evidently not so, observed those thinkers of old Earth. Therefore their universe could not be infinite or static.’ ‘But here—’ ‘But here, things are different. This appears to be a pocket universe, Jack Raoul. We believe it is a bubble of spacetime pinched off by a singularity. The heart of a black hole, perhaps.’ ‘Infinite and static.’ ‘Yes.’ ‘It doesn’t make sense,’ Raoul said. ‘If the whole sky is as hot as the surface of the sun - Ambassador, how do you keep cool?’ The Ghost rolled, shimmering. ‘There is another pocket universe at the centre of the colony. Our heat is dumped there.’ Raoul gaped. ‘You have a whole universe for a heat dump? And is that how the stars keep shining?’ ‘We think so. Otherwise, immersed in this heat bath, simple thermodynamics would soon cause the stars to evaporate. We have only recently arrived here, Jack Raoul; there is much we have yet to explore. But it is clear to us that this cosmos is heavily engineered.’ ‘Engineered? Who by?’ ‘The Xeelee,’ the Ghost said. ‘Ah.’ The Xeelee: aloof from the petty squabbles of lesser kinds, even of sprawling, brawling humanity. The Xeelee, as remote as clouds. ‘It is not certain,’ said the Ghost. ‘But there are certain signatures we have come to recognise . . . Such universe-modelling does appear to be a characteristic Xeelee strategy.’"

In short: it is a #Xeeleestomp because of better feats.

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Some info about limits of the Time Lords:

"Event Two: when the universe would collapse back into singularity. Although they could survey the entire universe from the lofty heights of Gallifrey, it was impossible for the Time Lords to travel into their own future and they couldn’t change their own past. That was the fealty paid for their title."

Also this part about Time Lords not being capable of affecting their own history is rather… intresting. And while making a quick search through this book I have found other such fragments.

"He wondered if the descendants of the Time Lords would be amongst their number. The planet Gallifrey itself would be gone, of course, its star long exhausted. The people of Gallifrey might have migrated to a new planet, or perhaps to an artificial environment of some kind. But if Gallifrey could fall, then what hope for the lesser races?"

Or this one indicating that the death of the home star/matter evaporation, would cause the destruction of the Gallifrey… Such things shouldn’t matter at all for a civilisation that is supposed to be capable of rewriting physics ect.

Also, TARDISes can be badly damaged by a black hole.

Also TARDISes may be turned into a picture by a random reality warper:

The Moment - the superweapon which destroyed almost all the Time Lords and the Daleks just shook a single universe:
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